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BMW Factory Next ICOM Toughbook Package 1992 – 2020

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BMW Factory Next ICOM Dealer Toughbook Kit 1992 – 2020$2895.00

Introducing the New BMW Factory Dealer Toughbook Kit servicing all years BMW years 1992 thru current Year.This ICOM kit comes with all drivers set up and software will be fully registered your shop.Full Diagnostics and Programming Capability

This ICOM Next A is a genuine BMW part. ICOM is the official BMW tool for independent service centers in the US. This diagnostic and programming tool is used with ISTA and ISTA/P and is compatible with BMW's Online Service System (OSS) and ISPI Next. The ICOM Next A connects to your workshop PC, ISID, or ISSS Next over a network connection (LAN cable included) or wi-fi.

Your Dealer Kit Includes:

Refurbished Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 SSD iCore Processor

Panasonic Toughbook Charger

All Drivers and ICOM Tool Loaded

Next ICOM A + B + C All Years Adapters


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