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CanDo BATPlus Battery Tester

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CanDo International
BATPlus Battery Tester
• The new CanDo BAT Plus tester offers accuracy and efficiency in testing 12v batteries and their related electrical systems
• It is compatible with a wide variety of battery types including CCA, SAE, DIN, JIS, IEC, EN, and CA
• It features easy to use operation with quick and accurate assessment of a battery condition and electrical system performance
• The integrated printing function provides your customer with the results in seconds
• In addition to battery test, it also tests the cars electrical system as well
• Performs battery test on and off the vehicle
• Integrated thermal printer to display complete battery and system test reports
• Customizable company header and footer can be added to printed results
• Step by Step operation guide included in the HELP section
• 170cm cable for running test from driver’s seat
• Multiple language support

• The BAT Plus is compatible with all types of batteries SLI (wet type) and AGM (flat/spiral)

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