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NEXIQ USB Link 2 Bluetooth Edition Laptop Package - Detroit Diesel DDDL

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Detroit Diesel DDDL Dealer Diagnostic Toughbook Package

All Set Up Ready To Go For Your Shop and All Your Detroit Diesel Motors.

This is the OEM Factory Detroit Dealer Package. This packages Includes Upgraded Toughbook (2 Year Full Warranty) All Drivers Loaded, All Hardware Nexiq USB Lin 2 Bluetooth Included, 9 Pin and 6 Pin Cables Included.

When it comes diagnosing, scanning and diagnostic troubleshooting Detroit Diesel engines, this tool gives you the same functionality level as the dealers. This tool has the following capabilities:

  • Read & clear codes
  • Step-by-step troubleshooting for all codes
  • Perform dealer level bi-directional commands such as forced DPF regenerations, SCR tests, cylinder cut-out tests, and more.
  • Change engine parameters such as maximum cruise speed, maximum road speed, idle shutdown timers, Horsepowers and much much more.
  • NOTE: This tool has a 12-month license included on it. After 12 months you must purchase another 12-month license or it will stop working.

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