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Genisys OBD II Smart Cable

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Features and Benefits Current OBD II SSI cable goes away! No new SSI’s in the various Genisys Kits – many were planned! Faster diagnosis, more convenient and higher technician productivity Sophisticated electronic circuitry in the new OBD II Smart Cable replaces current and future line switching System Smart Inserts (SSI’s). Years: 1996 to current Domestic, Asian, Euro and HD The new OBD II Smart Cable™ has the combined power of over 50 System Smart Inserts. Eliminates the need for many current and future System Smart Inserts Provides improved test capability and accuracy, resulting in faster diagnosis for higher technician productivity. The new OBD II Smart Cable is essentially “plug and play.” Definition: System Smart Inserts (SSI’s) are used to “mux” or route connector data lines as necessary to facilitate OEM enhanced communication and can sometimes contain electronics. SSI’s provide access to this OEM enhanced information in place of additional cables. What was once the best low cost solution is now re-invented with the Genisys OBD II Smart Cable.OBD II Smart Cable is designed to work with any of the following applications: USA 2006 Domestic, USA 2006 Asian, USA 2005 European, and Heavy-Duty Standard software. Genisys OBD II Smart Cable

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