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29209 - Cojali Jaltest Commercial Vehicle Kit W/Panasonic Toughbook

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Jaltest Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics Kit W/ Panasonic Toughbook Jaltest Commerical Vehicle Diagnostic Kit w/Panasonic CF-54 is the appropriate device to perform diagnostics on your on highway trucks, school buses, light commercial trucks, trailers, and reefer units. Jaltest Commercial Vehicle features multi-brand and multi-system diagnostics with a wide coverage on the different electronic systems installed on Commercial Vehicles. Information on connectors: Jaltest informs you about which connector to use and its location on the vehicle. Diagnosis:Recording and description of the errors registered on each of the control units. AUTOMATIC DETECTION OF THE COMPLETE ERRORS LIST ON THE SYSTEMS INTEGRATED ON THE VEHICLE. Actuation of Components: Possibility of interacting and sending orders on the different systems using Jaltest: such as fan activation, cylinders cutout, compression test and operational checking of the different mechanisms, etc. Values Measuring: Measuring and Displaying of up to 8 values at the same time. Information on the ranges of reference values . Parameters: Configuration of the different parameters. System Data: Information on the system configuration and ECU data. Errors Clearance: Errors clearance on the control unit and turning off of failure lamps. Protocols: OBD OBDII J1939 J1708 EURO IV EURO V RP1210 Kit includes: Jaltest V9 Link Adapter Kit, Commercial Vehicle Software License w/1 Year of Activation (part # 29300 & 29053) Panasonic CF-54 Professionally Refurbished Ruggedized Toughbook (Part # CF-54)  (Upgrade to a brand new Panasonic toughbook 55 for $2,000.00 above listed price). Jaltest Info Online Annual (part # 29427) Setup and Formatting Training (available through Jaltest) Functionality 54,000+ Bi-Directional Testing Procedures & Parameter Resets 20,000+ Troubleshooting & Repair Guides 14,000+ Circuit Diagrams 65,000+ Symptom Diagnostic Troubleshooting Guides 57,000+ Technical Specification Data Resources (Elec. Sys) 3,000+ System Technical Data Resources (Mech & Elec. Sys) 2,000+ Customizable PM and Service Scheduling Processes 8,000+ Calibrations 200+ Vehicle Diagnostic and System Release or Reset Procedures Diagnostic Report including Vehicle, Operational, and Diagnostic Information Call 866-217-0063 for quick answers and help! OEM DIagnostic Tools Dot Com has been serving the car and commercial truck diagnostics industry for years. That is all we do. We have, in stock, many toughbook dealer packages, adapters, cables and peripheral to help you diagnosis the problems with your heavy duty equipment. Legal Matters We follow strict guidelines to be in Compliance with EULA, End- User License Agreements and we Respect all EULA Agreements. All customer information and purchaser of the product is the registered end user of this product that is shipped. All trademarks are respected and owned by the respective Companies.  

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