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OTC Portable DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine

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portable diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning machine is a great solution for cleaing your DPFs. Every commercial truck since 2007 has a DPF on it, all of which need to get cleaned at a regular interval. With a small footprint and cleaning power to remove over 99.9% of the soot from a filter, this portable DPF machine does its job well.

Features and Benefits

  • Floating / full contact nozzle design provides a quiet operation.
  • Thorough forced air cleaning – utilizes 100% of the compressed air.
  • Uses less energy – both electricity (115VAC or 24VDC & approx. 6 AMP Draw) and compressed air.
  • Most efficient with accurate cleaning technology by concentrating equally on every substrate cell throughout the process.
  • Fully automated operation with minimal operator oversight, freeing up the technician to simultaneously do other work in the shop.
  • Includes multiple nozzles for cleaning both standard and flange filters.
  • DPF filter cleaning results: > 99.9%
  • Includes a vacuum system using HEPA filter dust control.
  • Innovative ash disposal system allows for quick, easy and safe removal and disposal of particulate matter
  • Lightweight and Portable - ideal cleaning system for use in the shop or on a service vehicle.
  • Quick Reference Guide printed on the panel.
  • Cleans filters with diameters ranging from 170mm – 400mm (6.6 inch – 15.7 inch) in approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the size.

Weight and Size

  • 42" (L) x 33" (W) x 53" (H)
  • 400 lbs shipped, less then 200 lbs unpacked
Portable DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine

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