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This kit includes all your diesel and gasoline needs for inboard systems (engine, levers, powertrain, instrument cluster, steering...), adapting each license to the customer’s budget and shop requirements.

Also included  Jaltest Marine diagnostics software provides an easy and accurate way to connect to these types of engines. The wide range of brands combined with essential functions for outboard engines repair and maintenance.

This tool includes every function available in Jaltest Marine and it is developed for all types of vessels. It is the perfect tool for those nautical shops, dry docks, that perform construction, repair or maintenance works on vessels with inboard or outboard engines. The wide range of brands makes it one of the world’s leading tools.

All-makes, all-systems diagnostics tool developed to perform the most advanced vessel & stationary engine diagnostics and maintenance tasks in an easy and intuitive way.

Jaltest Marine is not limited to reading fault codes on vessel systems, it also features bi-directional controls and guided trouble shooting.

Jaltest Marine after-sales support is focused on delivering professional services to the shop through:

1. Technical Assistance.

2. Training & e-Learning.

3. Specialized Customer Support

Included in this Kit:

• Jaltest Marine Interface Kit
• Boat Software (Inboard, Outboard) and License w/ 1 year of activation
• Panasonic Rugged Toughbook 
• Cables Customization (optional)

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