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Amp Clamp Multimeter

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Features and Benefits: Suited for testing starting/ charging circuits Over voltage category III (600 volts) Power One 9-volt alkaline battery Kit Includes: Test leads, temperature probe, soft carry case, 9-volt battery OTC AMP Clamp/Multimeter was designed to allow accurate current measurements using clamp jaws. The clamp meter is well suited for testing starting/ charging circuits, and provides easy access to current, voltage and other key automotive measurements, all in one easy to use tool.Features:• Duty Cycle• Resistance• Capacitance• Diode• Continuity• Frequency• Temperature• Display maximum reading of 4000 counts• Range auto/manual• Automatic negative polarity indication• Automatic zero adjustment• Over range indication• Low battery symbol• Data hold symbol• Relative measurement symbol• Clamp opening size 32mm• Auto power offThe meter is in compliance with the following standards:• IEC1010 double insulation• Pollution degree 2• Over voltage category III (600 volts)• Power One 9-volt alkaline battery (NEDA 1604 or equivalent) Amp Clamp Multimeter