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Ford (LCF) Low Cab Forward Dealer Diagnostic Software

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Ford LCF Low Cab Forward Software This Ford LCF Low Cab Forward Software is the factory dealer kit for Ford LCF. The Ford LCF is a software package providing diagnostics for model year 2004 and forward F650/750 and all Low Cab Forward (LCF) Medium Duty trucks and all international motors in Ford trucks with a 6 and 9 pin adapter. The software package is installed on the same laptops running IDS. It runs independently of IDS although both diagnostics can run concurrently. Communication between the PC and the 9 pin Deutsch connector is accomplished using the OEM Diagnostic Adapter Kit or any compliant protocol adapter. This Software is Digital Download Software Capabilities Low Cab Forward Cab and Body Capabilities Control System Monitoring View Record Save Playing Snapshot Recordings Diagnostic Trouble Codes Retrieve, View, Clear HD-OBD Freeze Frame Data HD-OBD Monitors Monitor Results Diagnostic Readiness Monitor Performance Ratio View, Save Print Service Bay Tests Key On, Engine Off Actuator Tests Sensor Intermittent Faults Cold Start Test Engine Running Air Management Test Cylinder Cutout Test Engine Fan Test (If Equip) High Pressure Pump Test After treatment System Tests Procedures Sensor Calibrating Part Replacement Resets Programmable Parameters Engine Feature settings View Programming Change Programming Service Interval Reset Reports Activity Report and Trip Reset Vehicle Report Event Data Recorder Tractor and trailer pneumatic ABS, trailer RSS Plus™, Hydraulic ABS, Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB), electronic level valvesfor tractors, electronic leveling valves for trailers, Electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) for buses, and Onguard Collision Safety System Call 866-217-0063 for quick answers and help! OEM DIagnostic Tools Dot Com has been serving the car and commercial truck diagnostics industry for years. That is all we do. We have, in stock, many toughbook dealer packages, adapters, cables and peripheral to help you diagnosis the problems with your heavy duty equipment. Legal Matters We follow strict guidelines to be in Compliance with EULA, End- User License Agreements and we Respect all EULA Agreements. All customer information and purchaser of the product is the registered end user of this product that is shipped. All trademarks are respected and owned by the respective Companies.