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Atlas Automotive Equipment TC755 TIRE CHANGER W/ EZ ARM

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Features and Benefits:


  • Tilt-Back Column Tire Changer
  • EZ Assist Arm Included
  • Rim-Clamp Style
  • Extra-Large turntable, more clearance
  • Air operated jaws & bead breaker (external air supply required)
  • Electric turntable
  • Adjustable jaws, three mounting positions
  • Button-Controlled Bead Breaker (operated at blade)
  • Metal mount/demount head w/ metal roller or replaceable plastic inserts
  • Column mounted inflator box w/ gauge Included
  • Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Included
  • 20" Tire Tool Included
  • Lube Bucket with Brush Included
  • Set of Large Plastic Jaw Covers Included
  • Plastic Cover for Bead Breaker Shovel Included
  • Multiple Replacement Plastic Inserts for M/D Head Included
  • Built in "Beadblaster"
  • Replacement Parts & Wear Items Always in Stock
  • 1 Year Parts Only Warranty
  • This part number FREIGHT PREPAID



The Atlas® TC755EZ is a "professional tire dealer" or "large car dealership" tilt-back style rim clamp tire changer. This version of the Atlas® TC755 comes with the E-Z right side mounted assist arm. The E-Z arm combines the most liked features of the normal Dual Assist Arm package and includes a pressing/lifting disk, a bead roller, and a pressing block.

The Atlas® TC755EZ features a foot operated Tilt-Back column allowing the user to quickly and easily mount and un-mount tires from the table without worrying about moving an arm or hitting the column. With the tilt back feature the TC755 also has a pneumatic locking mount/demount head which greatly lowers the risk of the head moving during use and possibly damaging the rim or tire. The TC755 comes standard with an extra large turntable which means it can "clamp" most 26 inch chrome rims without the need for adapters.

Atlas® TC755EZ features a built in "Beadblaster" system. The "Beadblaster" system helps inflate stiff sidewall or other "hard to inflate" tires. The TC755 also has a powerful hand controlled bead breaker located on the side of the machine which is designed to break even the most stubborn and rusted beads without damage to the rim. The turntable jaws (which can be covered with plastic covers) hold the rim securely without damaging the surface of the rim. These jaws can be moved to three different positions along the slide of the turntable to either increase or decrease the clamping range, and to handle the widest variety of tires.

The Atlas® TC755EZ requires some assembly after purchase.


Atlas® TC755EZ Specifications


  • External Locking Rim Dimensions (From Narrow Position to Wide Position): 11 7/8" to 27 7/8"
  • Internal Locking Rim Dimensions (From Narrow Position to Wide Position): 13 7/8" to 29 7/8"
  • Maximum Tire Diameter: 47"
  • Maximum Wheel Width (Bead Breaker): 18"
  • Table Motor: 1 HP
  • Turntable Rotating Torque: 885 ft/lbs.
  • Bead Breaker: 5500 LB. Force
  • Air Requirement: 90-110 PSI (MUST NOT EXCEED 140 PSI)
  • Electric Requirement: 110volt
  • Shipping Weight: 900 lbs

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Warranty Information

1 Year