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Autel MaxiAP AP2500 App Based Diagnostics

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The MaxiAP AP2500 is an app-based diagnostics and service tool compatible with Android and iOS phones that can perform All Systems diagnostics on one vehicle brand (with additional brand coverage available with in-app purchases.) Read and erase codes, perform emissions-readiness tests, and view Freeze Frame and Live Data on U.S., Asian, and European vehicles 1996 and newer. Performs several of the most common vehicle maintenance services, including battery registration, TPMS sensor relearn, and oil light service reset. EV vehicle battery testing is available. The MaxiAP AP2500 includes a Bluetooth-enabled dongle (vehicle communication interface (VCI)) and a free app for download on Google Play and the App Store. Includes a one-year limited warranty.


- Read and erase codes, view Freeze Frame and Live Data, perform Emissions test
- Includes Bluetooth dongle to connect wirelessly to vehicle, download free MaxiAP Diag app from Google Play or the App Store
- Performs vehicle health check including engine oil life, average fuel consumption, and brake pad life
- Performs All Systems diagnostics on first vehicle brand. Additional vehicle coverage can be added with in-APP purchase
- Supports commonly performed DIY service functions, such as oil light reset, TPMS relearn, battery registration, and wipers replacement
- Features "Find a Local Repair Shop function" for quick maintenance and service needs
- Test hybrid and electric vehicle power battery. Assess battery State of Charge (SoC), State of Health (SoH), and recharge mileage
- Provides DTC query/TSBs/definitions of common dashboard lights/100-kilometer dynamic acceleration test
- Quick vehicle identification with Auto VIN. Store and quickly access past records, and diagnostic reports

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